Joint Career Development Program

A joint undertaking by ACFO-ACAF and the Office of the Comptroller General

About the program

ACFO-ACAF’s professional development programs are primarily available through the Joint Career Development Program (JCDP).

The JCDP is a first-of-its -kind program which allocates more than $1 million worth of training every year to members covered by the CT Collective Agreement. This funding was secured in the collective agreement by ACFO-ACAF in 2016 and the program is co-managed by ACFO-ACAF and the Office of the Comptroller General. Originally launched in September 2017, the program has seen thousands of members from more than 60 departments receive training. In 2022-23, more than 3,000 members benefitted from the program.

With the ratification of the new CT Collective Agreement in 2022, the funding provided for the Joint Career Development Program (JCDP) was increased to $1.47 million. This unprecedented investment in community development and training was a hard-fought win for the collective bargaining team and – thanks to their hard work – we are excited to announce changes to the way ACFO-ACAF delivers professional development as well as new training offerings coming in 2024-25.

JCDP Lottery

Places in the JCDP experiential learning programs and classroom-style courses are awarded via lottery.

Classroom courses

Experiental learning programs

  • All ACFO-ACAF public sector members are eligible to apply for JCDP programming.
  • Simply enter your contact information, choose the programs in which you’re interested, then rank your choices when you apply.
  • All applications are then put into a random draw. If your name is drawn, you are awarded a spot in your highest-rated choice that still has available spaces.
  • One application per member will be accepted, with any duplicate applications removed and only the most recent application accepted.
  • Every member has an equal chance in the lottery with the lone exception that people who have received training may be deprioritized in the draw for the current year to ensure as many people as possible benefit from this training. That being said many members have received training in successive years – there’s no risk in applying!